DON'T OVER-PAY $100's on Your Property taxes.

by Randy Swihart 11/27/2019

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Time is running out. It is the end of the year and you can possibly save money on your property tax bill.

What is Homestead Exemption?

In the state of Florida, a $25,000 exemption is applied to the first $50,000 of your property’s assessed value if your property is your permanent residence and you owned the property on January 1 of the tax year. This exemption applies to all taxes, including school district taxes. An additional exemption of up to $25,000 will be applied if your property’s assessed value is between at least $50,000 and $75,000. This exemption is not applied to school district taxes.

You are entitled to a Homestead Exemption if, as of January 1, you have made the property your permanent home or the permanent home of a person who is legally or naturally dependent on you. To be eligible for a homestead exemption, you must own and occupy your home as your permanent residence on January 1st of current year.


(Annual Homestead Exemption & Annual Tax Increases of 3% capped with Save our Homes)

Example Ad Valorem Tax Rate 17.8653 Mills (0.0178653) per $1000. of Assessed Value.

Property Taxed Value $200,000. taxes would likely be

WITHOUT ($)    Homestead: $3500.


Property Taxed Value $150,000. taxes would likely be

WITH ($50,000) Homestead: $2700.



(example is merely an estimate please verify with count tax assessor for exact tax amounts).


When qualifying for the Homestead Exemption, you will need the following documents for all property owners applying (please verify with each Tax Assessors office):

Florida Driver’s License or Florida ID if you do not drive

Florida car registration

Florida Voter’s ID (if you vote)

Immigration documents if not a U.S. citizen.

Documents should reflect the address of your homesteaded property.

Homestead Exemption also qualifies you for the 3% Cap Save our Homes (SOH)


How do I apply? (click on website links below for Online Application and info.)

Duval County (Jacksonville area and the Beaches)

Manual Homestead Exemption Application

Duval County Property Appraiser

231 E. Forsyth St., Ste. 270

Jacksonville, FL 32202

Customer Service/Exemptions Division (Room 260)

Phone: 904.630.2020            

Fax: 904.630.2525

Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: Monday – Friday / 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Clay County (Orange Park, Middleburg, Keystone Heights, Green Cove)

Manual Homestead Exemption Application

477 Houston Street, P.O. Box 38

Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043

Phone: (904) 269-6305

Office Hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Saint Johns County (St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Vilano, Hastings)

Manual Homestead Exemption Application

St. Johns County Property Appraiser’s

Customer Service Department

4030 Lewis Speedway, Suite 203,

Saint Augustine, Florida 32084

Phone : (904) 827-5500, option 1

Email : [email protected]


Nassau County (Fernandina Beach, Yulee, Callahan, Hilliard)

Manual Homestead Exemption Application (contact)

Fernandina Beach

416 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Hours: 8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday

Phone: 904-491-7300


Yulee Area

96135 Nassau Place, Suite #4, Yulee, FL 32097

Hours: 8:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday

Phone: 904-491-7300



45401 Mickler Street, Callahan, FL 32011

Hours: 8:30 – 4:30 Wednesday ** Closed for lunch 1:00 – 2:00

Phone: 904-491-7300

Other contacts

Deborah Bradley

Exemption Specialist

904-491-7300 Ext. 7342

[email protected]

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