Buying That Perfect Home in Florida

by Randy Swihart 11/28/2019

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When you are looking to buy a home in the state of Florida for the first time it can seem like a strange new concept. Everything in Florida is built around having fun. They love living, working, growing and exploring the state. There is just so much to do. You will find that just about every home has the element of fun built into it, which makes finding the right home for you all that more important of a task. You want to have the right place that you and your family can enjoy for the years that you live in Florida.

There are some key steps that you will want to take when entering into the Florida real estate market. Buying a home in the tropics has unique challenges that are found nowhere else in the country.

Find the Right Realtor®

The right realtor will listen to you. They will want to know what your family likes to do, where people will be working, what grades the children are and how much you have budgeted for a new home. The realtor will need to know these things, so they can find the best fit for your family's tastes and budget. 

Your real estate agent should also be a person that knows their area very well. They will know about the school systems, where the best places to eat are located, where the fun happens and how to do their job well. They can guide you through the home buying process.

Be Ready to Buy

Buying a home in Florida happens fast. By the time you find that right home and finally get financing to make an offer, the home has been sold to someone else. Take care of getting the financing done before you start to look. You will want to move beyond the pre-approval stage once you start looking. Sometimes lenders can take weeks to finalize a loan and at that time the home could be sold to another buyer. The Florida housing market is a buyers market. Homes sell fast and for top dollar.

Know Your Contract

Contracts in the state of Florida can be a little tricky to navigate but having a realtor at your side makes all the difference. A contract in Florida will include the following:

•    Purchase price. In Florida, it is common to have the seller pay around three percent of the purchase price to help close the deal.

•    Earnest money provided. In Florida 10 percent or more is common.

•    Closing date.

•    Agreements made by seller and buyer.

•    Inspection reporting.

Closing Time

Just like every other home closing, you will meet with a person that will help finalize everything. Your realtor will be there to help answer any question that you may have. During this time, you will sign a lot of paperwork. If you do not know something or do not understand, ask questions. You will receive all the paperwork regarding your loan, insurance information, sometimes paperwork welcoming you to the community and finally the keys to your new home.

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